About Iboga Solution

Who Are We?

Iboga Solution is a top-of-the-line manufacturer and distributor of high-quality ibogaine products. Our offerings include a range of products such as iboga TA, iboga root barks, ibogaine HCL, and iboga capsules, all of which are of superior quality. In particular, they specialize in addiction rehabilitation using ibogaine and offer consultant services in this regard. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, Iboga Solution stands out for its commitment to delivering products and services of the highest standards. Their expertise in utilizing ibogaine for addiction rehabilitation sets them apart from their competitors and makes them an ideal option for those seeking a trusted and reliable solution for treating addiction. Ultimately, Iboga Solution’s dedication to quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction make them a wise choice for anyone seeking top-notch ibogaine products or addiction rehabilitation services.

Shipping and Returns

As the products we sell are natural and largely plant based, some may not be allowed in your country.  Such products are shipped discreetly. Parcels may be returned within 14 days after having received the parcel The contents may only be returned in its original packaging, unharmed or unused in any way due. If a shipment is returned for any reason beyond our control, and the customer wants it to be reshipped, shipping costs will be charged.


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