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Iboga refers to a psychoactive compound taken from plants that contain the ibogaine alkaloid. In Gabon alone, there are numerous plants that contain this alkaloid. The main source, however, is the Tabernanthe Iboga plant. These plants grow on the jungle floor in remote regions of west central Africa, including Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, Angola, and of course, Gabon, the plant’s physical and spiritual home. Buy iboga capsules

The plant’s root bark contains the psychoactive alkaloids. By shaving this root bark from the root, we obtain fresh, ready-to-eat, powerful, ancient, healing iboga. After consuming the root bark, subjects experience the onset of a dream-like mode of consciousness. During the course of the journey, one may (or may not) encounter existential discoveries, crystal clear visions, memory recollection, and countless other wonderful things. Such as addiction, depression, skin diseases , body reduction and spiritual awakening


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