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ibogaine is an extremely fast-acting, plant based, naturally-occurring substance, which alleviates withdrawal symptoms and interrupts the process of active addiction. Ibogaine provides a gentle, painless, and very rapid detox from opioids such a heroin, methadone, OxyContin, Suboxone & Subutex; stimulants like cocaine, crack and methamphetamine, as well as alcohol and many other addictive drugs.

Ibogaine works differently than other drug treatments, it resets receptors in the brain and normalizes brain function. Ibogaine’s metabolite noribogaine decreases or eliminates cravings and removes the overwhelming compulsion to use drugs of abuse, for approximately 2-4 months following treatment.

  • Within 30-45 minutes of ingesting ibogaine HCl, your withdrawal symptoms will recede and dissipate. The “reset” occurs almost immediately, prior to the onset of any visionary experience. You will not be going through withdrawal while “tripping.”
  • You’ll enter the oneirophrenic phase, wherein you may — or may not — experience dream-like visions. The visions may be scenes, dreams, actual memories, or disjointed and abstract fragments with no seeming relation to your life whatsoever. Many people experience memory recall and feelings associated with childhood. The experience varies dramatically from person to person.
  • After the initial visionary stage, you’ll enter the “processing” phase, characterized by a high degree of mental activity and evaluation of the material that was unearthed during the previous stage. capsules

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